Community & Economic Development

Inclusive growth and development for District I ensures that all citizens have the same opportunities and quality neighborhoods.

·         Growing and attracting living wage jobs and career opportunities

·         Supporting and expanding current urban infill efforts

·         Intelligent investment

·         Increased quality of life



Entrepreneurship and small business are vital to the sustainability and growth of any community. We must ensure that our community has a solid foundation to support those who would dare to follow and build their dreams to not only be job creators but also be bold enough to look out across the landscape with a vision to create and anticipate the needs of the market through innovation and ingenuity.


Downtown Development

Downtown development is key to our efforts as a city to retain, attract and promote individual and business level talent while creating an inclusive quality of life for all to live, work, play and be passionately proud to call Wichita home. To ensure that our downtown area is reaching its full potential we must be sure that we are strengthening the core areas that surround our downtown in order to provide the area with the greatest opportunities for support, success, growth, and long term sustainability.


Community Safety

A safe community is a thriving community and must always be a priority for the betterment of our city. Together we can work toward:

·         Improving community relations with law enforcement

·         Improving Community Policing efforts


Transportation & Infrastructure

Strong and reliable public transportation as well as quality infrastructure is imperative to growing our City to be the destination to live, work, and play. Together we can work toward:

·         Securing reliable funding for transit

·         Continuing to improve transit route efficiency for better service

·         Surfacing roads with an emphasis on neighborhood roads

·         Strategic investment in water line repairs and upgrades


Transparency in Government

Transparency is the cornerstone of any democracy. Decisions made by the city must be made in the open with the input of citizens.