Mentoring groups can help keep youth out of trouble


Brandon Johnson

Building relationships with young people and providing a positive role model in their lives through mentoring outreach programs is vital to ensure that the next generation of Wichitans have opportunities for success. Whether it is providing professional mentoring and training through the summer job program that I am proud to be a part of, or reaching out and connecting to the youth through other valuable organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Youth Horizons, young Wichitans deserve to have someone that they can look up to and who can provide commitment and consistency in their lives.

Wichita, and District I has many worthwhile organizations that deserve our support and provide positive benefits for young people. What is needed is continued support from the community, and better organization to connect those in need with the services and organizations that can help make a positive difference in the lives of young people. As a Wichita City Council for District I, I want to continue my work to help make a difference, I want to provide the necessary resources to make the delivery of these services more effective, and I want to help make children and their families to be better informed of where and how to connect with the various groups offering support. We need your help to make this happen and to elect Brandon Johnson to represent District I on the Wichita City Council. 

Story by: John Asebes KSN

“…community activists are working with the Wichita Chief of Police to better organize their efforts to impact more children. “We just need to get it organized where we can have one locations where you can get all organizations together, contact information so if you know that parent needs somewhere for there kids to go they will be able to check it out really quick,” says Community Advocate Brandon Johnson.”

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