Wichita police chief says he needs more officers


I’ve worked closely with Chief Ramsay on several issues, and as candidate for Wichita City Council- District I, I hope to be able to work with Chief Ramsay to provide better staffing for the Wichita Police Department, continue to improve efforts with community policing, and work to bring law enforcement and the residents of Wichita together in a productive relationship to make us all safer.

As a Wichita City Council candidate, improving community safety is my top priority. Chief Ramsay and members of the community have accomplished many positive things, but there is always work that can be done to make our community better. Community policing efforts brings law enforcement and members of our neighborhoods together, working to promote a shared goal of making Wichita safer. Whether helping to organize the WPD community picnic, promoting dialogue between community leaders and law enforcement agents, or supporting WPD in their community policing efforts through my candidacy for city council, I have made it a mission to make sure that our communities receive the protection they deserve, and that productive and positive relationships continue to grow between the WPD and residents of Wichita.


Brandon Johnson is a community activist who’s been heavily involved in efforts to bridge the gap between people and officers. He helped plan the WPD community cookout, and he has hosted forums where beat officers sit down with people in the neighborhoods they patrol. “Residents really liked it, getting to know them,” said Johnson. “They got their cards, so if there is an issue they can ask for them directly.”And, both Ramsay and Johnson feel the more officers there are, the better off the community will be.“You know, it really helps out when dealing with crime,” Johnson said. “Knowing who the officers are, knowing they care. All of those things are a big plus in the city if we can get to that.”

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