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Together, we've amplified opportunities in District I. 


Let's build upon the momentum because there's more work that needs to be done.

There are more issues we must make progress on and, with your help, I welcome continuing what we've begun.



Together, we saved a pool.

Together, we created a microloan fund to serve small business owners

who may not otherwise qualify for funding.

Together, we transformed the corner of 21st and Grove into a vibrant hub for minority business development.

Together, we worked to gain investments for our neighborhood roads

and to improve community safety by strengthening relationships with our police force.

Together, we planted gardens and lifted hammers to bring more affordable housing to our neighborhoods

and helped to support the creation of a water treatment system that will impact our community for generations.

Your contributions will help us do even more -- together -- to enhance the foundation of District 1

now and for the future.

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