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Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Investments in affordable Housing

  • Strong neighborhoods

  • Investments in improving neighborhood roads

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Community Safety

  • Supports community policing

  • Strengthening Wichita Fire Department

  • Supports police reforms that add Social Work and Mental Health Professionals



  • Supports improved communication with Wichitans

  • Providing more citizen input on issues

  • Rebuilding trust in Government with Wichitans

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Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Supports equitable investments in neighborhoods

  • Improving Wichita Transit Service

  • Making Wichita more walk and bike friendly

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Entrepreneurship & Small Business

  • Removing barriers for small business contracting with the City of Wichita

  • Providing more resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses

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Pandemic Recovery

  • Building a strong foundation for recovery for the City of Wichita

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